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Recipient of Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development Award presented in Philippines.

Recipient of Krishi Bushan Award by Government of Maharashtra.

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About IIRD

The region of Marathwada in Maharashtra state is evident of social,  economic, and environment inequities that are prevalent. Institute for Integrated Rural Development (IIRD) has emerged out of the need to strengthen grassroots development initiatives for promoting sustainable livelihoods.Since 1987, IIRD has been exploring into the area of "self-reliant" development through people’s initiatives focusing on organic agriculture,alternative marketing, appropriate housing, micro-enterprise development,community based health, environmental education and women’s development. Together with the people, IIRD strives to bring about better livelihoods-improved incomes,appropriate housing, better health and nutrition, inclusion of the marginalized - particularly elderly destitute persons and persons with disabilities, and a more sustainable environment.


Member of IFOAM Member of IUCN
Fair Trade India

Stories of Change

Meet Chandrakalabai of Dhangaon village. Her father lost his farmland to the construction of a dam when she was a little girl. Surpassing all
challenges, she has become a leader now.....


Volunteer with Us

Ms. Ronsin Galle, a student of a student of Institut d'Etudes Politiques in Lyon,France stayed in IIRD campus in Bidkin for 4 months from...