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Recipient of Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development Award presented in Philippines.

Recipient of Krishi Bushan Award by Government of Maharashtra.


Member of IFOAM Member of IUCN
Fair Trade India

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Mr. Alex Reich

"Although I only spent a few weeks in Bidkin, in April 2010, my time with IIRD was very formative. It was the first time that any organization gave me the freedom to do independent research on such an important subject as agriculture and water use. I'm not sure I came up with any spectacular results, but I hope I helped IIRD with their long-term, committed research to bettering the social and environmental conditions of rural farmers in Marathwada and elsewhere.

The people at IIRD were also excited to learn and practice English, so they asked me to give basic English lessons, which all attended. At other times when I have traveled I have felt alone, but at IIRD the people made me feel very welcome, inviting me to their houses for dinner, etc. I wish I had spent more time, as I would have liked to get to know the people better, and to be able to contribute more to the excellent work they do at IIRD."