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Recipient of Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development Award presented in Philippines.

Recipient of Krishi Bushan Award by Government of Maharashtra.


Member of IFOAM Member of IUCN
Fair Trade India

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Ms. Ronsin Galle

Ms. Ronsin Galle, a student of a student of Institut d'Etudes Politiques in Lyon, France stayed in IIRD campus in Bidkin for 4 months from January, 2011 to April, 2011. Her research interest is on the economic and social development in India with particular reference to globalization and the impact of policies amongst countries on the small farmers. During her tenure in IIRD, she studied the case of small farmers in dry land conditions of Aurangabad district on the social, economic, and environment impact of organic farming among the small and marginal dry land farmers who were facilitated by IIRD.

She says ”The work strengthened my conviction that organic farming is a good for the farmers. I loved the fact that Indian women participated in this system as they face discrimination elsewhere. My stay was rewarding: I was completely immeersed in an Indian rural society and I learned a lot about Indian culture and the Indian working methods. My stay with IIRD was a marvelous adventure”.