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Recipient of Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development Award presented in Philippines.

Recipient of Krishi Bushan Award by Government of Maharashtra.


Member of IFOAM Member of IUCN
Fair Trade India

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More than half the food we eat comes from small farmers living at barely subsistence levels. Like all of us, they do have dreams for themselves and their communities.

Their hurdles are many for their dreams to ever become a reality. Consider the women of their households spending 3-4 hours a day just fetching water, the girls walking miles to get to the nearest high school if and only if the family can afford to forgo a bread winner, and sometimes a sudden crop failure resulting in total distress. These are just some among many hurdles they face.

Yet, they continue to give us good food at all times. Is it not then our duty to help make the world a better place for them?

If you feel the same, there is an opportunity to volunteer at IIRD for the good cause of the world of small farmers.

Just begin by expressing your interest. Let us know more about your enthusiasm, work skills, and life skills in a short 1-2 page document. We could work together to tailor a suitable volunteering opportunity. You can expect a rustic life out of the ordinary but worth it. You will get a chance to witness the courage of the people who provide us the food, learn from their struggles, and be a part of their dreams. Who knows, this experience may change your life forever.

Be prepared for hot summers (40-45 degrees centigrade), vegetarian diet, power outages, long walks, cold baths, and sometimes lonely days. The stay may be arranged in the serene campus of IIRD with birds singing to awaken you in the mornings. The only other noises are the dogs barking or other such sounds of nature. The campus has got Internet connection that keeps you in touch with the world outside. Travel to the villages will be by local transport modes – mostly the shared autorickshaws. You may need some money for the local transport, food, and accommodation which will not be too much.

Volunteers Speak

  1. Ms. Ronsin Galle
  2. Gauri Mirashi
  3. Mr. Alex Reich
  4. Mr. Sanjeev Seth